What the heck is going on with GE?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. 158K volume by 11:27

    20.54% up.

    Glad I bought 5K shares at 6.87 a few days ago

    Sold 50 march call contracts for 7.50 at 1.62 just now.
  2. dealmaker


    What did you expect? They issued bonds, cut their dividends all within last two weeks and today C announced profitability and GE trades like a financial, BKX index is at 22.10 ( as I write this)
    i.e. GE is making a go at retaining their AAA rating and if they do all those soverign/institutional funds will be back.
  3. I had a feeling when I heard all the doom and gloom, and every analyst yell SELL SELL SELL, CNBC becoming doom and gloom that maybe I should go long on GE and write some calls.

    Even Warren is bearish.
  4. Are you also "glad" you bought GE at 26, 24, 20, 18, 16, 14, etc, etc. and all the way down for your long term portfolio?


    You're getting destroyed in GE. You need a triple just to break even.

    Typical ET.
  5. you must be forgetting I sell calls and buy puts depending on the situation it could be pretty deep or pretty shallow.

    But everyone makes losses and gains. My short sell gains have more than offset my losses. Although GE has been a pretty good stock for me. Its provided more than enough in premiums. If it goes to 0 then thats a whole different story.

    Longterm = 20+ years. BTW (Unlike some of you who assume longterm means 3 months.)
  6. So you're saying that even though you have been buying GE all the way down from 26 to 6, you're still net positive on it??

    Give me a F-ing break.

    I'm sure if GE rallied 50% someohow you would be net positive too.

    Typical ET.
  7. Did I say that no.

    And who are you? Anyhow I think I am finished with this useless chatter with you. Serves no meaningful purpose.