What The Heck Are Pivots?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Spectra, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. wojack


    is the pivot formula study free?
  2. abaker


    Do alot of commercials still use pivots of any formulation?
    Or is pivot trading like the pits, from whence it came, a dying tradition?
  3. I thought that's when you hit your shot fat, you took a "pivot". No?
  4. I not sure of the porgram behind pivots but i think simple math. i use them w/ fib's and there handy for picking target to enter and exit day trades
  5. Pivots are self-fufilling.

    That fact that so many follow them and use them tends to allow for them to work.

    News events are just a few of the things that kill pivots.
  6. No, what you are speaking of is a divot. A pivot is what you do on the basketball court when you are not dribbling.
  7. RL8093


    In the NBA, it's called traveling by everyone except the refs :eek:
  8. Yes wojack. Its included in all major charting packages.
  9. weres jimmy jam jam at isnt he the pivot expert ???? he use to post about it all the time what happen ? mabey he made his millions wth it and retired .. jake
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