What the F#@&

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  1. Why is the market going down?

    The fed just bailed out the homeowners. Amazon just put out fantastic earnings. I don't get it. The market should be moving up.

    Up and not down!

    oh well we still have a few hours before close. I think we'll have an end of day bull run.
  2. Cutten


    "Buy the rumour, sell the fact"
  3. Lucrum


    Because you're long?
  4. The market is going down because of the bad economic news that was released this morning.

    The rally over the past week has been smoke and mirrors.

    Look at the underlying fundamentals.
  5. S2007S


    Get ready for 11k once again.
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    Why it hates me?

    PS: I used to think like that in the past that my brain is greater than or equal to the mass's brain, while in fact my brain is as small as a grain of sand and the brain of the mass is big as a mountain.

  7. Well, one reason is what i like to call "field posistion". That is this rally in resistance makes for an easier sale than buy regardless of the "news".
  8. The market does what it needs to do to have the largest surprise factor. If you have to publicly ask why the market is going down today, you should revise your trading philospohy.
  9. As the last poster intimated, the market's job is to head fake as many traders as possible, in order to separate them from their money. It really is that simple.

    I'm not sure who or what collusion drives this, but you'd have to be blind (or in denial) not to notice it.
  10. Stock_trad3r, you were supposed to leave ET for good, not come back as this lame ass dude.

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