What the f*ck happened (again)?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by opm8, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. opm8


    Since no one has started this thread today I thought I would. :)

    At about 3:08 PM EST today the E-mini's dropped like a rock from 1009.75 down to about 990.50 in the space of a couple of minutes.

    All trades busted below 996, apparently.

  2. I"m not sure what happened but I was short and got out at a good price ..so not complaining here..
  3. Another rip off for the little guy. Any of the big boys caught
    with their pants down get to do Overs!! Neener! Neener!

    I know TS users got hosed up on the feed.

    However, were there any E-Signal users that experienced that 3-4 sec. delay in data as the price fell thru the floor?

  4. sabena


    I unloaded a big position of 50000 E-mini's...Sorry....:p
  5. nitro


    nitro :mad:
  6. well, the usual stuff today. longs get fucked due sell stops.
    same applies to shorts because of emotional strain.
    cannot await the next one.
  7. This shit blows.

    How can you trust a market when you wonder if your order will be cancelled 30 minutes after you buy a downdraft??

    The answer is ..you can't! So these types of errors will probably only cause MORE havoc going forward. :mad:
  8. Looks like another rogue trade. I've seen reports that it was in ES this time. I thought there was an order limit on Globex?

  9. corvus


    me too...
  10. There is... 250 ES. But some dumbf*ck probably put in some kind of manual overide and sold multiple 250 orders.
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