What The Bleep Do We Know?

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  2. Great movie. Many will call it something negative, but not everyone is ready for various ways of seeing things. This movie only scratches the surface.
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    There were many interesting parts of the movie. Most interesting to me was when one of the guys explained that we get addicted to certain emotional states (lets say stress for example). Now the hormone related to stress is cortisol. So when you're constantly feeling stessed out you have tons of cortisol flowing throughout your whole body. Cells become accustomed to this hormone after a while and begin to crave it, putting you in situations that tigger the hormone. Now over time cells begin building more receptors for this hormone instead of receptors for other hormones and even vitimans too. The cell divides and now you have a new cell that has tons of receptors for cortisol and less receptors for vitimans and other important nutrients and hormones. This is how you age. New cells have less proteins for skin elasticity, bone density, human growth hormone, etc. because the new cells are less attuned to that and more attuned to cortisol and whatever other hormones that correlate with the emotional states that your physically addicted to.
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    Yes the movie's been out for a while and I read some of the negative reviews and decided not to rent it thinking it was just new age hocus pocus but I stumbled upon it on Google Video (great site btw) and decided to watch it and it was great - no complaints at all considering how low budget it was.
  5. the movie is pretty good, but i think calling it a documentary is a stretch
  6. The best part, I thought, was a study that I had read about prior to the movie regarding the effect of emotional states on water. The picture of the water at various states is incredible considering how much water we are made of. Incredible stuff.
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    Yeah that was pretty cool too FuturesTrader

    water exposed to words
    "thank you":


    water exposed to words
    "you make me sick":

  8. Is this the same movie that Grob was talking about?

    What the Bleep
  9. Yep. There is at least one other that is worthwhile as well.
  10. Great thread.

    If you believe the mass media, doom brought about through global warming is real, the power of the human mind is not.

    It's always been easier to control people through fear. What is positive and hopeful is freeing. The media has more success at capturing people by using fear.
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