What the American media hid from you about the Qana massacre

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  1. that is sickening to watch... and to think they planned this many months ago. this is not about defending their country, this is about grabbing land and resources. to blame it on the arrest of a couple of pedophile soldiers is propaganda. the people that commited this genocide are truly monsters.
  2. The militant group Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers during clashes Wednesday across the border in southern Lebanon, prompting a swift reaction from Israel, which sent ground forces into its neighbor to look for them. The forces were trying to keep the soldiers' captors from moving them deeper into Lebanon, Israeli government officials said on condition of anonymity. [Forbes 7/12/06]


    The Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah movement announced on Wednesday that its guerrillas have captured two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon. "Implementing our promise to free Arab prisoners in Israeli jails, our strugglers have captured two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon," a statement by Hezbollah said. "The two soldiers have already been moved to a safe place," it added. The Lebanese police said that the two soldiers were captured as they "infiltrated" into the town of Aitaa al-Chaab inside the Lebanese border. [Hindustan Times 7/12/06]

    The Lebanese Hezbollah movement announced Wednesday the arrest of two Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon. Lebanese police said that the two soldiers were arrested as they entered the town of Aitaa al-Chaab inside the Lebanese border. Israeli aircraft were active in the air over southern Lebanon, police said, with jets bombing roads leading to the market town of Nabatiyeh, 60 kilometers south of Beirut. [Bahrain News Agency 7/12/06]


    According to the Lebanese police force, the two soldiers were captured in Lebanese territory, in the area of Aïta Al-Chaab close to the border, whereas Israeli television indicated that they had been captured in Israeli territory. [fr.news.yahoo 7/12/06]
  3. In the afternoon, the scene changed in the streets of southern Lebanon, which was the target of 32 Israeli raids that mainly targeted areas near the area where the two soldiers were captured in Aita al Chaab, close to the border with Israel. [news.monstersandcritics.com 7/12/06]

    According to the Lebanese police force, the two Israeli soldiers were captured in Lebanese territory, in the area of Aïta Al-Chaab, near to the border with Israel, where an Israeli unit had penetrated in middle of morning. [AFP 7/12/06]

    The militant group Hezbollah said it captured two Israeli soldiers during clashes across the border in southern Lebanon on Wednesday. [chinabroadcast 7/12/06]


    It all started on July 12 when Israel troops were ambushed on Lebanon's side of the border with Israel. Hezbollah, which commands the Lebanese south, immediately seized on their crossing. They arrested two Israeli soldiers, killed eight Israelis and wounded over 20 in attacks inside Israeli territory. [Asia Times 7/15/06]


    TRANSLATION: Hezbollah has made it clear time and again that it would retaliate by capturing and detaining Israeli soldiers if they entered Lebanon and use them in an exchange of prisoners. Israel has in a deliberate manner sent a commando into Lebanon (Aïta Al Chaab) They came under attack from Hezbollah, who captured two of their soldiers. [voltairenet.org 7/18/06]

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    The Israelis have been wanting to create a "buffer zone" all the way into an beyond the Litani river for a long time. I would'nt be suprised if the Buffer zone started several miles beyond the Litani river inside Lebanon. Control of the River gives Israel access to much needed water.

    If you noticed, you'll see there is a method to the madess. Israel is methodically bombing and completely flattening all the shiite towns ( under the pretext of Hezbollah, don't you know they're every where?!!! ) and driving the inhabitants further inside Lebanon leaving Druze and Christian towns un touched. It's basically ethnic cleansing 101. Once the Shiite towns are eliminated, the next step would be to make it impossible for the original inhabitants to return. Then the Hezbollah will no longer be effective in infiltrating back into the area and Israel can do what ever it wishes with the water.
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    I figured this was a set up by the mossad after I read that these particular soldiers were Druze and not Jews.

    Very well planned and executed operation so far. I wonder where it's headed.
  6. The great thing is how the media is reporting an Israeli investigation report blaming (surprise, surprise) Hezbollah for the attack.
  7. Whoever posts gorier pictures wins.

    The blood of every victim of this war is on Hezbollah's and their supporters' hands as they are the ones who started it.
  8. actually, the whole plan is quite obvious. the only reason they get away with it is due to a complicit american media. and btw, they are bombing christians now.
  9. pedophile idf's illegally cross borders and are arrested, so israel slaughters 600 civilians.
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