What tends to trend the best presently?

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  1. Just wondering for some feedback at what is trending well right now. Cheers!
  2. Suppose you had a team of five tremendously talented computer programmers working for you. What program(s) would you have them write, to analyze the recent price history of today's markets and compute a Trendiness Ranking for each one?

    Would you tell your team to use INDICATORS such as, for example, Welles Wilder's Commodity Selection Index? Or other old favorites, RSI, ADX, MACD?

    Would you tell them to look at the theoretical performance of trend-following mechanical TRADING SYSTEMS, under the assumption that the trendiest markets are the ones which generate the biggest profits for trend-capturing mechanical systems?

    Would you fire them all, and merely tape the price charts to the wall, stand 10 meters away, then judge the trends BY EYEBALL in the Seykota manner?

    What procedure would you use, to figure out the answer for yourself?
  3. oats, copper, gold, silver and sugar to name a few.
  4. acrary


    Here's the ranking of trendiness by market from strongest to weakest for everything I follow.