What technical analysis book would you recommend to day traders?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Bearcrazy, Sep 25, 2008.

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    I see the books section of this website and see many TA books and wonder which ones are the best or if there is one worth reading that is not on the website

    The ones that receive positive reviews from people on this forum are:

    Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
    Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques
    Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros

    Please let me know
  2. No books. Screen time only. Maybe the Trader Vic book. The first one.
  3. technical analysis for dummies,

    honestly ,

    then once you read it, and know a bit of what it all includes,

    take it and stuff it in a box,

    reason to know a bit, but not use as most get out of hand thinking its the holy grail, good to know what some other traders are trading with,

    best book to read is monitors in front of you, charts , l2, tape, and 1000's of hours.
  4. Screen time is best, especially with a mentor. But, if I had to have a book for reference, definitely Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets, by John Murphy.

    This thing covers everything, sorta like an encyclopedia, and he updates it every few years. His inter market analysis book is good also.
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    Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets, by John Murphy

    I liked this book. While spending hours looking at the screen is extremely worthwhile, I found that this book helped me to make a bit more sense of what is going on. In that respect it is very useful.

    Technical Analysis by Kirkpatrick and Dahlquist is more academic. I haven't referred to this book so much.

    Not particularly about trading systems per se, but I also enjoyed reading My Life as a Quant by Dermot. Prior to this, I had gained the impression that most equity analysts were using hardcore quant methods. This allowed me to appreciate the differences in types of trading activities.

    I'm still at the stage of spending hours watching the ticker go up and down.
  6. Bryce Gilmore's Price Action Manual is simply the best for day trading as sure as eggs is eggs imo.

    just my two cents:)
  7. How to trade in stocks by Jesse Livermore. Never read another one after that.
  8. Digs


    Master the Markets , Tom Williams

    Forget the rest.

    Also forget day trading, little profits, big money is in correctly taking the position trades.

    Start here : Street Smart report Syd harding