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    I would like to find out what type of system is being used in the following screen shots of various trades. I know it's a breakout system, but I am trying to quantify if there is a specific system being used or whether these are a number of different systems. I would like to find as much detail on this method so that I can code a system. I have annotate the charts with the information I was able to find. Feel free to go back and look at the historical data if you have the capabilities to do so if my charts don't give you enough info. The dates of the trades are listed. These charts come from a trading system that has been profitable for 17 years.

    Criteria that I know are used:

    Round lot shares usually between 500-5000
    8.5% stops
    20% profit target
    Potentially trailing stop of some unknown amount
    Av. Volume > 100k
    Sell if close < 10 SMA for 3 days
    Volume probably plays a role
    price cycles of some sort may play a role

    screenshot 1: Here is NSTC Long trade which was a 20.06% winner
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    Heres ORB Long trade. 5.61% profit
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    Heres AOS Short Trade which lost 3.78%
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    BAMM Long trade 7.72% profit
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