What subscription/newsletter service is worth your money?

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  1. As a trader, I like to keep my costs down, but obviously a subscription to something profitable can easily pay for itself.

    What subscriptions are _consistently_ worth their price and content? Not just because it made one good trade for you that paid for itself.

    I'm not referring to data or news feeds but newsletter like content like thestreet.com or timers digest. Which ones do you guys actually put your money in if any?
  2. If you don't mind my asking, could you explain why?

    Also, I checked out the site. It provides his track record only up to 4/11/01. Such an outdated track record makes me skeptical, in that you can easily create a system generating those results and fit it to historical data.

    Sounds like you are a subscriber? How has he done in the last 2 years?
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    cant give it out yet. soon.
  5. This is a good question. I think todd harrison's site is clearly worth the small cost. I guess a lot of it depends on your experience level and what you trade. I like Jeff Cooper's column but now it is $800 or so, and I don't like it that much.

    Another question. Anyone aware of a site that has market commentary on the oil market? I am aware of Futuresource, but I never found that very helpful.
  6. Advanced trader magazine

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  8. soler,

    INO's energy commentary was not exactly what I was looking for, but they do have a pretty decent commentary page that goes over all the major markets. Thanks.
  9. I agree with you. I'm a subscriber to Minyanville and it's my guess he made alot of the calls when he was at Cramer Berkowitz. I don't know if its the restrictions or what, but Cramer can't seem to trade worth a hoot short term.

    Interestingly, Todo just went to 75% short side conviction. Iceman on the last thread blasted him a bit for staying short this entire run. Hey you can blast someone if they screwed up, why not. But not when you screwed up, you're just displacing blame.

    Anyone subscribe to Chartcraft? It's been one i've been considering. It's got a wealth of information each day of the week.
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