What strategies do you guys use?

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  1. I'm not a businessman but I do have some little knowledge having a business. Before making any business transactions, you should consider the disadvantages and advantages. Be professional on every decision that you will going to make. Learn at your mistakes.
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  2. This thread proves the greater fool theory.. haha no matter how many people are in the grave because of being short the tails. DOTM options... there is still a guy stubborn enough to go short convexity at the worst spot... Its all about the unknown unknown....I wana ratio backspread in some futures options... or outright buy super deep otm options for a year or two... just bleed out money untill this guy pays me out on the blow up.. that i'd be willing to bet..
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  3. Pinozi


    Almost woke up the house when I read that - fknLoL

    ET still provides the occasional gold nugget. Very entertaining thread


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