What stocks under $20/share pays highest dividends ?

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  1. I have 25K for a long term investment and would like to buy decent company stock which pays high-highest dividends. I would like to ask for help from you stock traders /screeners to post couple of stocks you feel good about.
  2. Why do you require the shares to be under $20?
  3. you dont want the highest dividends. could be because they are in trouble. you want stable safe companies with good dividends. pfe or vz are a couple that should be fairly safe and pay good dividends.
  4. hombre..

    it doesn't matter if you buy 1000 shares of a stock that pays 1c dividend or 100 shares that pay 10c..

    think of yield and look at any stock price..
  5. MO
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    T (AT&T) is another more "stable" stock with a decent dividend...

    BUT...to answer the OP's question (although I know nothing about stocks, and am not sure I'd recommend ANY of these companies), here are a few low priced stocks with "high" dividends (all between 7.5-10.5%) that actually trade some volume (>500,000K on avg)

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  8. ERF and PGH are Canadian trusts that pay a monthly dividend (right around 8-9% annual at the moment). ERF is right around $20 and PGH is about $10.50. Both are optionable, which is how I play them (covered calls).
  9. altria group (MO)
    integrys energy
    pepco holdings

    all above 5% yield a year (6% but minus 1% taxes)
  10. More upside room was my initial thought.
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