What stocks do best in inflationary environment?

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  1. Given that everyone who is anyone knows inflation is coming in a big way (already here in fact, getting way worse for sure however), what kinds of stock do the best vis-a-vis others when inflation gets nice and gnarly? Consumer staples (can raise prices)? Finance companies (make more $$$ when interest rates go up to fight the inflation)? Any ones that get especially devastated and one must stay away from?

    Any thoughts appreciated!

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    Your edge must be incredible.

    Buy GME.
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    careful now. He had a 4.0 in finance 20 years ago.
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    This website should give you some ideas:
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    Basically, anything that's not paper at this point.
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  6. can any one list stock symbols that can beat inflation?
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  7. I sense you jelly. I'm sure your 2.8 from your local community college, then moving back in with mom, left a bad taste in your mouth. Among other bad tastes in your mouth to make ends meat lololol...
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    Dude, I mentioned it in another thread.

    Cover your GME, and put it all into AMZN. That company is not going anywhere. And if they manage a split, and then start paying dividends after paying off their debt obligations with some of their positive cash-flow? Sheesh!

    Not a bad investment.

    Oh, there is also Live Cattle futures, which are bouncing around a low of ~115.x right before the summer grilling season. But pay that no mind. Stonks.
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  10. traditionally, the yellow metal (GLD) :)
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