What stocks are you buying and holding for long term?

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  1. Hello,

    The market has dropped, and we all know to buy stocks when the market has dropped big and hold for the long term (+1 to 5 years or when a target price is reached).

    What stocks are you now buying or considering investing in for the long term?

    I am considering: BA, CCL, XOM, VISA and SBUX

    Share your thoughts

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  2. %%
    Tech ETFs.
    Almost bought GUSH which has XOM, CVX, MUR, MRO [x 3]. but that sector is so weak/oil shock ,I figure its dead money for a while. I figure SPY,VOO, QQQ will do much better this year + long term............................................................................I like doing business with those , I just don't want o put my invest/trade money in them for now; I printed a chart of XOM, great dividend !!
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  3. They


    Buy all the ones that Trump just paraded their CEOs out at today's press conference
  4. smallfil


    Not going to be hamstrung when buying stocks now. I buy what I see has a good chance of moving a great deal. Just got out of INO this morning, lost most of my gains but, still nailed about 11.92% on it for 3 days holding. Will keep an eye on re-entering it. This one is involved in testing a vaccine for the Corona Virus. I also, have VXRT also, involved in developing a vaccine for Corona Virus. Just bought a small position on FANG today. This could move higher if oil prices stabilize. The way I see it, Saudi Arabia and Russia will come to their senses. Nobody wins in a price war. Saudi Arabia is burning its cash reserves when oil prices are low. Russia under US sanctions struggling economically, as well.
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  5. Lmfao hahaha hahaha hahaha that's funny
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  6. Oil should be a long term investment, just betting that oil will go back $70 one day and XOM will still be producing oil when that happen..
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    Do they have GTC orders on Demo/Sim?
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  8. %%
    XOM was one of the leaders/good dividend;
    + out performed SPY/S&P 500, for many years.BUT almost certainly SPY/VOO/Tech ETFs do better.Its been so long since big oil has beaten SPY/VOO + I buy gas from XOM, MRO. MUR.....
  9. 2rosy


    these look good BA, CCL, XOM, VISA (maybe not now exactly)
    add CME ICE AMZN GOOGL or any other utility that is a monopoly
    and indexes XLE, XME, SPY, FXI, EWY
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  10. nobody has to buy or own stocks. or sell their stocks.
    there is no cash to buy all stocks if everyone wanted to sell...only 1% of the shares are traded on the 'float' or less okay go figure.. these companes can always issure more shares if they want cash. this is the reason wall street or powers to be want fed to lend money cheap ..fed is the only source of cash now. or fake cash to this fake manipulated market.

    India market crashed..the country has zero cases of covid. and situation isn't that bad....the price of the market is just same price as last year. and the media call it a crash and people shouild buy stocks. it's still a ripoff and expensive.
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