What stocks are still good to buy for an investment?

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  1. I'm looking for some stock ideas, long term, and was wondering what might be a good investment? I noticed some great names like Amazon and Tesla (very interested in the Cybertruck), but they made huge gains and am afraid to get in on them without a decent pullback. Other stocks that look interesting at current level, and might even pull back a bit, are Roku (ROKU) and Beyond Meat (BYND). ROKU: I'm a Roku user, in fact that's all I have for TV. Heard they come preloaded on many televisions now. Not very familiar with the competitors, like Apple, Amazon, etc. BYND: Plant based foods I think are the future. Number of people that are interested in these foods have been rising. I personally only eat a plant based diet so am a big fan of this sector. Not very familiar with Beyond Meat personally but I believe they might be getting into KFC fried chicken, and also into Brazil. Cramer from Mad Money last I heard was positive about this stock. Any other plant based stocks, or other stocks that you recommend?


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    Luckin Coffee (LKNCY).
  3. GOLD, SLV, FEYE, FXI, and GHY - I own these and sold calls on them.

    GOLD is the largest mining company in the world.
    SLV is a silver ETF
    FEYE is a cybersecurity firm
    FXI is China's large-cap index in Hong-Kong.
    GHY is a high yield fund - pays 9.7 percent
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    Amun Ra

    KO has a lot more upside than downside, so that's a nice safe play.

    BA I think is good for a long term, but hard to tell if it's going to drop another 20 or 30 bucks.

    VLO could be a double, but it might also stay flat. Not too much downside there.

    I like WELL too.
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    usually when many people ask such questions, market will collapse soon.

    look at NQ. It has risen from 6700 in Mar 20 to 11000 in Jul 20, ie
    65% increase in 4 months.
    That is a very huge increase.

    Those who missed the boat might have to wait for many many months / years
    for the next boat to come.
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  6. This is a trading - rather than investing - forum. Probably not the best place to ask investing questions.

    With that said, the chance of you (or anyone) picking something that will do better than SPY/SPX over the long term is pretty slim.
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  7. the market doesn't need your money. the market is supported by the gov't .like in China. it's not a 'free market' anymore.
  8. winners keep on winning: V, GOOG, AMZN, TWTR, MSFT, MTCH, ILMN, RMD, ZTS, VMW
  9. Those look interesting, but when they go up hard I'm afraid they might fall hard too, so in those cases I imagine there would need to be more active trade management and maybe stop losses. Looking for something I can just buy and hold for several months, a year, or maybe more, without a stop loss.
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