What stock would you recommend for buy and hold at this time?

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    I have a friend with a buy and hold mentality who is looking for undervalued stocks. For example, BAC looks undervalued to him, compared to other bank stocks etc. So this is not exactly the Darvas mentality that looks to buy the hottest stock in the hottest sector at it's high. On the other hand, i don't think he'd rule out a Google or an Apple. Figure he's not going to set a stop at any percentage except -90%. Stocks paying dividends would be a bonus.

    Thanks for your suggestions.
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  4. I'd have to go with MCD.

    Imo, very progressive on what's in the future of fast food.
  5. May not be the best time to buy. Many timing indicators are showing a bearish bias. After the pullback would be a more strategic time to go long.

    P.S. Just my opinion. Do what you want.
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    Very nice! Warren Buffet move over!
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    Back to 92?
  8. Please elaborate on the bearish indicators.
  9. I actually had this portfolio for a long time, and it would still be a good one:

    1 - SPH - Suburban Propane. Sells propane to households not tied into a natural gas utility.
    2 - SSS - Sovran Self Storage. What it says. Stable, reasonably recession proof (except of course, for 2008, but nothing was immune to that one)
    3 - SO - Southern Companies. Utility. Very well run.

    Fourth back in the day was Equity Office, but Zell sold that to Blackstone for a very pretty penny. Sigh.
    Equity Residential (EQR) is still around though. No one ever went broke investing with Sam Zell.
    I second BIP, by the way. Looks very nice.
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    I've gone ahead and added all the symbols so far recommended to a Yahoo portfolio. I'm turning them over to my friend as i check them out briefly if they look ok. We'll see what my friend does with the information and compare that with my Yahoo "Elite BuyHold" portfolio over time.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
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