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  1. Let’s look at a small California company that, just a few days ago, reported second-quarter results.

    Revenue rose 50%.
    Earnings-per-share rose 10-fold.
    Earnings-per-share are 20 TIMES HIGHER than the same quarter
    last year.
    Gross profit margin is up 70%
    And cash on hand nearly doubled

    Technically, this was what they call a blowout earnings report.

    Even better, though, was the guidance, which was raised very significantly.

    So how is this company part of the new breed of winners? What problem does it solve?

    Well, supposing I could double, even triple the miles you get to the gallon in your car. Supposing you could get, say, 40 mpg, just with a simple modification. And, if you like feeling good about yourself, let’s also cut your carbon emissions by 25%.

    Oh and, yes, let’s drop your fuel costs from $3.75 a gallon to about $1.90.

    Seems almost unfair, doesn’t it? Yet that is precisely what a tiny California company offers.

    Is it any wonder that the stock’s UP 12% in this meltdown?

    Or that T. Boone Pickens has a stake?
    Or that companies that run fleets of trucks are standing in line to convert to this system?
    Or that GM and Ford want to provide the company’s aftermarket conversion kits?

    Is it any wonder that the stock gapped up almost 29% recently in a SINGLE SESSION?

    Stock named here.
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