What stock daytraders trade? (stock, ETF, SSFs)

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What stock daytraders trade?

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  1. One issue (watchlist only)

    1 vote(s)
  2. Two to Five issues (watchlist only)

    6 vote(s)
  3. Up to Five issues (news only)

    2 vote(s)
  4. Up to Five issues (combination news and watchlist)

    4 vote(s)
  1. ugz


    This poll is to identify how many issues stock daytraders (stocks, ETFs, SSFs) trade each and every day, and whether the daily selection is different (news driven), the same (from a set watchlist), or combination of both (news and watchlist). This poll does not apply to currency, futures, etc. daytraders. thank you all in advance for your participation. :D

    1. One issue (watchlist only)

    2. Two to Five issues (watchlist only)

    3. Up to Five issues (news only)

    4. Up to Five issues (combination news and watchlist)
  2. you might also want to include the option of 500+ stocks run through a filter, trading whatever the filter spits out for those given parameters.
  3. ugz


    sounds like automated trading. most things in filter may be driven by news anyway.
  4. well not automated per se. For example:


    -average 30 day volume > 1,000,000 daily shares
    - price > $5
    - currently trading 200% normal volume
    - near 52 week high

    it might spit out 10 candidates.. Then you use discretionary trading to make decisions. the filter just alerts you to the type of opportunity you want..
  5. That sounds about right, but I don't use those type of criteria to make a buy,selling decision. I stick with a certain set of stocks I feel comfortable with. Sometimes I look for stocks that are hot, and do some trading with them. I won't bother mentioning the stocks I trade. Too many to bother mentioning.
  6. ugz


    i'd call it news only if you do not watch it every day.
  7. ugz


    any more people going to vote on this? please do. one of the more useful polls IMHO.