what state do you live in?

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  1. just a little informal survey for myself, wondering where everyone is from.

    Outside of Cheyenne Wyoming here
  2. the state of denial here :/
  3. ha love it
  4. maxpi


    Northern Mexi...er... Southern California
  5. Lucrum


  6. On a side note, I always wondered why traders prefer to live in places like NYC and Chicago?

    Seems to me that a successful trader would want to live somewhere with a much lower cost of living as his income isn't determined by the local payscale.

    Essentially, if I make $200K in my area, it is the equivalent of making $450K in NYC. Why would I ever choose to live in NYC?
  7. Meth-capital, USA.
  8. where is that that garbage is everywhere!!!
  9. Nevada.
  10. jtnet


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