What stage of the markets are we in.

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    I'm seeing a major bear regression in the market this week. Tell me do you guys feel we are going to doubled down or we are just in a minor bull? Please express your opinion.
  2. One hell of a "sucker's rally".
  3. Look at the squeezes during the great depression and you'll see it's rather normal.
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  5. Hard to define anything as "normal" when it only happened once before. Equally hard to compare it to.
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    typical sucker's rally in a bearish market with really bad economic fundamentals especially in the US market which is the main market for all markets in the world.

    the fundamentals of the economy has gone worse now with GM and chrysler going bankrupt and possible higher interest rates and rising oil prices. US is net importer of oil so more money out of country.

    with GM and chrsyler going to chapter 11 you 'll another wave of job losses

    the US could even default on it's debt.

    everybody wants a free lunch. the US as a country could be like GM

    the US gov't can't print money or spend money it doesn't have.

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    it's a trader's market traders don't accumulate

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  9. There's been a half dozen or more similar breaks to this last plunge, bro. Heck, the Naz didn't even make a new decade low....
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    We are witnessing now the mother of all bear market rallies.
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