What stage in ATS development

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what stage are you in your ATS development

  1. just started, actively coding, debugging

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  2. forward testing and refining parameters, paper trading

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  3. just started live-trading, smaller positions

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  4. live-trading for few months, still not certain of consistency

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  5. live-trading for at least 1 year, seeing consistent profits

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  6. ran for several months, lost money, redesigning

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  1. ssrrkk


    I am curious to know what stage of ATS development everyone is in. I am in stage 2 and still have a long road ahead. But my forward tests are starting to look very promising.

    1. just started, still actively coding and debugging
    2. forward-testing and refining strategies, still paper trading, occasional live tests
    3. just started live-trading with smaller positions
    4. running full algorithm but still not certain about long-run consistency
    5. running for at least 1 year, seeing solid consistent profits
    6. ran for few months, lost money, stopped trading and redesigning
  2. I think I am in every single one of these phases all the time.
  3. albertly


    I am in step 3. However as posted before steps 1 and 2 never end
  4. ssrrkk


    Yes, this fact did occur to me -- since no single strategy can last forever, in the ideal case, after successful forward tests, one would presumably go live for a year or so, make significant money, then start to see the algorithm falter, and then go back to steps 1 and 2 and either tweak the algorithm, or implement a new strategy that works again.

    I am actually working on my 5th strategy. I have been going back and forth between 1 and 2, but each time, my forward testing proved that I didn't have a consistent strategy. Fortunately, my latest one seems a lot more consistent so I am hopeful. A few more weeks, and I will try live-testing with small positions.

    However, I have heard people run the same algorithm for years and make consistent money. That would be like finding the holy grail...