What spreads should one watch

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by kalki, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. kalki


    I know people watch march-april and oct-jan spread. what others spreads should one watch.

  2. You'd have to ask one of the more experienced energy traders (Bone, Papa Roach, Rubibond007, rbobtrader,ogarb,landis82. Hey if I left anyone out I apologize, very long day)which ones to watch on a macro level.

    j/k and k/m crude both trade pretty well. I'm a fan of the natty spreads as well. I don't try and get to deferred on either. Bone also gave out the tip of trading spreads against each other and I think that idea has some real merit. Rbob spreads versus CL for example. Rbob and HO spreads are pretty liquid if you stick with the front couple months. Good luck.
  3. F/H, J/V, X/Z are pretty popular. I've seen M/N/Q fly, V/X/Z fly, X/Z/F fly, and V/X vs. V/X condor. The condors I see are usually out a few years into cal 14, 15, and have seen as far out as 2020 on the H/J.