What sort of income are you making using candlesticks???

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by axiom49, May 30, 2007.

  1. axiom49


    For those of you who use candlesticks (day-charts) to make a next-day play, and are consistently successful, I'm curious to know what sort of growth you are seeing?
  2. With the bee colony crisis, beeswax candle pricing should remain high and continue to climb. And if petro keeps going up, trusty 'ol paraffin candles could be in for a bull run too.

    I don't know why noone else has responded to your post. :p

  3. notouch


    My income is huge but do you buy on a bullish candle that closes at an all time high?
  4. How long you been trading for?
  5. jtnet


    candle stiks are for rice traders
  6. right..doesnt work like that. however

    some candlesticks [1-3 intervals] are more accurate or have a higher problability then others but i wouldnt be placing pre market orders based on a candlestick.