What software is best to Automate my stock and option trades?

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    I want to Automate my stock and option trades that I do manually every day now (so I don't have to sit in front of my PC all day while the market is open. I am a hardware Engineer so I have written software and script programs in several languages before to test and exercise hardware so I can write scripts and simple software programs. I do big trades (quarter million dollars per trade).

    I don't want to write software from scratch but would like to use some Automated Trading software package out there that has a lot of capability already to take any trading strategy I come up with and Automate it in the software and do the trades for me (and I will just monitor it). I want the software to be flexible enough that it can do my strategy not just pre-programmed strategies it already has. However if it already has many pre-programmed strategies that I can combine together to get to my strategy then that is helpful. For example if A is true and B is true and C is true then do this....

    The software would need to get the real time stock and option quotes to do real time trades on the fly based on my strategy. When the stock hits certain price points the program will buy shares or sell shares and/or it may buy options (calls or puts) or sell options (calls or puts) on the stock.

    The software would need to keep track of how many stock shares or option contracts are in my Account or at a minimum keep track of how many shares or contracts it has traded that day so it will put in the right amount to Automatically get rid of later that day.

    For Example: Let's say a stock starts the day at $100. I tell the software (either from tools it already has or I write a script program) to buy 1000 shares every time the stock drops $1. Therefore it would buy 1000 shares at $99 and another 1000 shares at $98 and another 1000 shares at $97 and so on. Then I want it to sell each Lot when it had a gain of $1. Therefore it would sell the $99 Lot if the stock hit $100 and sell the $98 Lot if the stock hit $99, etc... At the same time as this is going on I want the software to monitor the option prices and it may Automatically execute an option trade if certain triggers I put in are hit. The software would need to monitor what's in the Account so it would know how many contracts to do if it was going to do a Covered Call or Covered Put against stock in the Account. For Example if at the time the option trigger was hit there was 5000 shares of stock in the Account (that were not already Covered) then the software would Automatically Sell 50 Call Options to create a Covered Call position in the Account.

    What Automated Trading Software would you recommend I look at to do what I want?
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    I do not know much about the realization of software but if you take seriously a project to make one and launch it to the market, I assure you that you can obtain excellent income. Currently the programs with which they operate in the stock market, are having many problems in terms of its operation.
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    There are fewer choices for options traders. You can automate options trades with TradeStation and there is a cornucopia of sample code posted in their community.

    OptionsCity has a White Label TradeStation options trading version also.

    Amibroker and Ninja Trader are both good, but NOT for options.

    I have not yet tried RealTick. Here is a link to its (old?) options platform.
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    While you can demo RealTick, TS requires you set up an account there first.