what software do you use for keeping track of your trades?

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  1. hi,

    are there other useful programs or web-based services than MS Excel (or any other spreadsheet tool) that suit a (day-)trader's needs?

    Whrere would i get features like:

    * easily grouping multiple entrys/exits to a single trade
    * automatically giving me a chart with entrys and exits marked on it
    * calculating the drawdown from the maximum book-profits to the close of the trade through automatically looking up in the tick-data of the underlying
    * calculating Profit factor, sharpe ratio, etc.

    Thanks in advance,


    (i'm a 20y/o aspiring daytrader in Austria/Europe)
  2. firscall


    I use TradingSolutions to track my trades. It is supposed to be a AI system builder but it's CRAP however it does the job of a journal etc quite well. It's just a pity that it costs £'000s...I should have purchased a note pad!
  3. Hi,

    Just use a simple Excel spreadsheet. I posted it in the trading journals section.

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