What software do you guys use to analyze options?

Discussion in 'Options' started by barnetda, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. I am looking for a relatively simple analysis software.

    Any good ones around?

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  3. It all depends on what kind of analysis and how you prefer to do it.

    Hoadley has an Excel add-on which allows you to do everything from put together combos to doing GARCH volatility estimates. In general, it requires a fair amount of Excel expertise.

    OIC has a position simulator that I've not tried, but is free.

    IB, ThinkOrSwim, and Tradestation all have position analysis components to their trading platforms.

    OptionVue is expensive but has some pretty sophisticated position creation features.

    www.ivolatility.com has many scanning tools. I've not tried them, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have a position planner.
  4. My excell programme skills are less than zero so that counts out hoadley.

    I will check theothers out.

    I use TOS so will try their analysis out as well.

    Many thanks

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    If you use TOS then it should have all you need. It has all the feautres you need, well almost, it's just a matter of learning how to use the platform.
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    www.superderivatives.com is becoming the industry standard in pricing. However I guess that means it will be a victim of its own success.
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    Use the online calculators at hoadley, they are very simple and free.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. I saw a couple of very interesting pieces of software BUT i have to say TOS analysis page is exceptional . Best of all its free and does everything i was looking for.

    Thanks again.
  10. I mostly use my own stuff in excel, but also get good use out of OptionVue and Hoadley. Have looked into FinCad and Superderivatives as well, but haven't used them as of yet.
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