What software can help find out what happened in the past?

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  1. Is there a way to find out what happened around certain date in the past?

    For example, by reviewing other traders' trade log on Internet, I found him
    "Bought AMZN Apr 50 Put @ $10.60. " on Dec. 4, 2008.

    How do I review this trade?

    I want to find out what happened around that date Dec. 4, 2008 on AMZN, where do I find such past historical news/data?

    Hopefully there is a software that can help with all these things!

    Thanks a lot!
  2. You're not looking for a software, you're looking for a datafeed.

    Look for historic US intraday options data. Do your research and post it here.
  3. ill post this again because maybe others.. just dont know

    on google search you can specify a date... search news??


    Amazon shares rise after Barclays upgrade
    BusinessWeek - Dec 4, 2008
    Shares of Amazon.com Inc. rose Thursday after Barclays Capital analyst upgraded the online retailer, calling its business model "structurally sound." ...
  4. Broken link above?
  5. Look, I am looking for a software that can put everything all together. Now we are searching all kinds of website where they are scattered around.
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    how much would you pay for software that can put this all together?
  7. Whatever the reasonable price.
  8. Investor/RT can certainly do this, with a variety of data feeds. Here ya go:



    But I/RT certainly isn't alone in the ability to do this. And the data feed must supply data that far back. I used DTN IQFeed to obtain the data above, and I know you can go back to at least 2007 on 1-minute bar backfills.
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    whats reasonable? $10,000 or $10
  10. For historical data, I don't worry, because i am subscribing to TS or WealthLab, etc.

    I am looking for a "point-to-click" function, for any point in the past, you can zoom in and find whatever info around that date, for example, fundamentals, big news, big events, and of course prices, etc.
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