What Software can do this? (need help)

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    I have seen standalone programs that approximate this function, but what came to mind was esignal's market center. If you haven't already, it might be worth your taking a look. Good luck!
  2. Thanks that is pretty close. I downloaded it and it almost works but its not as customizable I need. Thanks for the effort though.

    Anyone else want to take a shot?
  3. Quotetracker has a new Pressure bar showing the last 30 trades, green bar longer if they went off at the ask, red bar longer if the went off at the bid.

    Quotetracker is free, but the $60 registration allows the Medveds to eat and removes ads.

    Downlaod the free latest beta and check it out.
  4. Tried both the above suggestions this morning. Both were helpful but had some limitations.

    Here is my problem in a nutshell. I generate a watchlist every night of about 50 stocks. Right now I throw them into a ticker all together, and its like most tickers. IF someone upticks it, the ticker will read "sbsh upticks", and it is coded green so I know that was bullish.

    If the stock is on a high or low I can highlight the info to appear in bold or whatnot.

    But here is the problem. I don't have room for 50 different tickers, so by putting all the stock symbols into the same ticker I can't keep track of them to well. If they go to highs and lows yeah I see them but if they ramp out intraday and they are in the middle of the range, I usually miss them.

    What that cybertrader ticker does (see link from prev post) is you can list all the symbols and it graphically displays all the messages in my ticker (xxx upticks, xxx lowers offer, xxx refreshes size, etc.) and keeps track of the momentum and allows you to assign different weights to different things.

    When I had that, I could just glance over and see if something was beginning to make a move. I could usually catch stuff fairly early. Currently I am paying up to much because even though I know the stock might breakout/down sometime today, I just don't see it till it has made a new high or low or already moved a bit.

    I know others must have this problem, so how are you solving it?

    Does anyone know how hard it would be to build something similar to Cybertraders dynamic ticker? Could it be done in excell, or would you have to use C++ or something.

    Looking for a solution here guys. Need a graphical way to watch short term momentum in a group of 50 or more stocks.

    Does anyone know of a product that can do this, a standalone product, not a platform. About to just throw some $$$ in a cybertrader acct so I can use just their ticker. LOL.

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    The only other thing I know that comes close to what you are talking about is OmniTrader's new module "Visual Trader." Not cheap and not perfect but they (www.omnitrader.com ) claim it is the best there is. I have never used VT, although I do have OT and it is good. It may be worth a look, who knows?
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  7. Thanks, but that wont quite work either. The problem is I also used it play one stock off another.

    For example if KLAC ticker goes blood red, well then I've likely missed the short there, but if NVLS, or BRKS or someother semi equipment ticker is still green or just going red, I will often try and tag that one off the premise that it will likely follow the other one.

    Basically I used to use that ticker to watch my group of stocks and I had it customized so that I could quickly see when something was making a move.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'll figure out something.
  8. Well having tried, a few solutions I decided on Friday to just have it built from scratch because Friday was another perfect example of when I could have really used it to make a few hundred more bucks than I made.

    Going into the session, almost everyone in the office I trade at knew the alt energy stocks would be in- play off of the power grid situation but most of them gapped and because there were about 15 of them, there was no effective way to watch them throughout the session.

    I mean I had them on board views and regular tickers but it was just to hard to discern what was going on. Several of them broke out another 10-15% after the open but it was impossible to keep track of all of them unless they were on highs.

    A dynamic ticker or tape reading tool would have helped me catch or MONITOR the list, and I am positive I would have been able to catch a few that broke out again before they had run to far but instead I ended up watching IMGC crank up another 2 pts because I didn't want to chase it.

    Also every day there are opportunites I miss that I used to get when I used cybertrader a while back. Like when MO comes hard for sale off of some tobacco litigation or something and if I had MO and RJR both in this thing I would see MO's ticker blood red and could likely short RJR for a quick dime, but as it stands I miss the trade most of the time because I typically only see stocks that are highly correlated like that move rapidly against another
    Having said that, I am having what I need made from scratch because I haven't found anything else that can duplicate it.

    If anyone is interested in the ticker and has had the same frustration I have (finding a better way to watch a group of stocks), they can PM and I will get you the info on how you can get it when it is finished if you to try it out. I am having a company in TX build it who makes another product that I use.

    Basically the difference between this tool and the other ones I looked at is it will be customizable on both a time frame, activity rate, and a signal level.

    Anyway. Problem solved. Or will be in a few day.
  9. Actually, its going to take about two weeks it looks like. I'll post when its finished if anyone is interested.

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