What software allows templated orders ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by zanek, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. zanek


    I'm looking for software that allows me to create templates for orders, so I can just press one button when I get a signal to buy, and have a preset profit percentage when to sell and a preset stop loss sell point. Other than that, if it had a button that allowed me to immediately sell everything , that would be perfect.

    Anyone know of a brokerage or software to do such a thing or am I crazy for thinking that may exist ?
  2. Hi zanek!

    ProTrader.NET station makes your dreams come true.
    there is special panel "Basket orders", you can set as many orders templates as you need - http://protrader.net/

    but if dont have ProTrader's broker account than you can use another solution of PFSoft company which is called PT Multistation.
    PTM is trading terminal with the same functionality and user interface but it is delivered as a single product, it has aditional advantages (it can be integrated with any broker, not only Protrader's broker). - http://profstation.com/

    http://pfsoft.com/ - company's web site.

    Good Luck to you!:)