What soft for scanning and backtesting stocks ?

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    Hi to all,

    In first, sorry in advance for my poor english.

    I have a problem. Thank you to help me.

    I have several systems based on US stocks and I need a software for backtesting and trading them :

    What do I need ?

    ** For Real Time :

    1) 10 minutes before the closing hour, I scan all the stocks I bought few days ago. If my exit condition is ok, I sell the stocks.
    2) 5 minutes before the closing hour, I scan all the stocks of the market (or 100-200…) and if I have entry condition for some, I buy these stocks.

    ** For Backtest :

    1) Only in daily time frame, I want to scan several stocks (100 for exemple) and several years (10…), conditions at close time for entry / exit and manage them for possess 10 securities Max only.

    What software can do all this ? I work actually with tradeStation (and Easylanguage) but it’s difficult to resolve all these problems.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help
  2. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=226365
  3. algore


    Thank tou for your answer. I saw this thread.

    I have a backtesting software yet : Tradestation.

    But my specifications are very particular... I look for a soft for these particular specifications.

    Some ideas ?

    Thank you in advance. :)
  4. What ideas? About what? What you wanna do can be done. And now what???
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    Sorry but it's NOT possible to backtest many stocks with one strategy and money management : possibility to trade only 10 curencies for example.

    With TradesTation, it's impossible. With Metastock, it's impossible.
  6. Backtesting multiple stocks? Well, it's possible with Amibroker. That's why I wrote that it can be done. Limitations of other softwares are not the limitations of Amibroker.
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    Thank you