What smartphone to get?

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  1. Any one with a favourite here?

    Man, this is hard to chose.
  2. Depends on the mobile carrier and what they carry in phones and plans.
    I used Motorola Droid when Verizon was the plan I had.
    It was a good phone at the time.
    Switched to T Mobile and went with the Samsung Galaxy SII.
    The huge screen is great as my vision is not the best.
    It is a very fast phone and the 4G network is very fast.
    Unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data on 2G network, on the 4G network I get 5GB from a special they ran.
    Also the option to connect to wifi for calls and internet wherever available.
    Camera and videos are nice quality. Android market for any a
    pp you need.
    I have wifi hotspot enabled on the phone to connect laptop,ipad when away from home which is a nice feature ( additional fee ).
    Great phone for my needs, although there are so many good phones available today.
    See what mobile carrier offers in plans and then get phone for needs and you should be set.
  3. I'm a year and a half into Android with a Galaxy S1 and not all that happy. Apps can be put together by any kid anywhere on the planet, they can have problems in the design and in the implementation. One pundit described Android as like the Winchester House.

    I want a Galaxy Note for the large screen, it's better for looking at maps or Kindle books, and the positives will offset the negatives because I'm familiar enough with Android to make it work for me but there is a familiarization curve with Android. If you are not a techie you might want to go with Apple, there is much more of a guarantee of quality in the Apps.
  4. I thought the iPhones sucked for a long time and resisted the whole Apple deal (i was into linux). Then I got one as a gift. Compared to Android phones, it has the small subtle differences that mean a lot to me. I'd hate to admit but i have to be objective - the crowd might be right, it's a very decent phone. Plus the IB app is great so I can check in on my trades any time. Depends what you need it for though. The newly released Samsung Galaxy looks good too. I hate screen lag because of bad OS, low memory or a slow CPU.
  5. jem


    I type a lot of messages when I am not in the office.
    To me a real keyboard is necessary.
    After being a happy blackberry user...I was not happy with my first droid.

    But, I really like by droid 3. It is a great phone for doing work. By the reviews if you want the 4g... the droid 4 may be better... but I need unlimited data.
  6. Apple is indeed extremely user friendly but that makes it a bit boring too really.

    I mean, it's a phone I would get for my mother, cause she could use it.

    I am thinking about the HTC one S, looks great and great specs..
  7. My Razor Maxx has been pretty good to me. The battery will easily last a couple of days with moderate use. Moderate use meaning frequent texting and internet use, but very little talk time. And I like the droid technology.
  8. BTW, I am with Verizon in rural western Cheeseland, but there is a tower 1/4 mile from me. Everyone tells me my battery will last much longer if I use the WiFi, but I am always near a charger, so I just stick with 4G. Works for me.

    Good luck.
  9. I got my first iphone in Oct of last year (the 4s) and I have to say, I dont know how I ever lived without it. I was very resistant to buy an apple product for years, but I've officially joined the cult. I've heard some people complain about the battery life, but my iphone will generally go up to 3 days without charging depending on how much I use it. I love the mp3 player in it, I love siri that I can just ask the iphone a question and it will give me the answer without having to type that stuff in. For instance...if I want dominos pizza, I just ask "where is dominos pizza" and it will show me the closest dominos....if I dont care what type of pizza, I just ask "where is the nearest pizza place" and it will show me a list of nearby places and even has user rankings for how good the place is. I love the GPS and how I never have to buy another map or ask for directions again.

    People say the camera is good, but I cant comment on that because I have a canon eos 7d DLSR camera which makes most cameras look like crap, but if I'm being honest, I have to say the camera is ok as long as there is lots of light. If you are indoors, it doesnt seem to take pictures as well.

    The other thing about the iphone is the "coolness" factor. I dont consider myself a snob, but when I see someone with a smartphone that is not an iphone, I see them as someone that couldnt afford a "real" smartphone, or as ghetto phones. Once you get an iphone, you will know what I mean.

    Think of it this way... Getting an iphone is like being on facebook. Getting a samsung galaxy or HTC is like being on google+
    Getting a blackberry is like being on myspace.

    100 million people have bought iphones...if it werent a great product, they would not sell so many.
  10. I can't believe you caved.

    All these rants about brainless drones standing in line to get an Iphone and then you went out and bought one yourself.
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