What Simple, Charting Software To Buy?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Terrier301, May 6, 2007.

  1. It will depend whether the OP was serious when he said he wanted customization ... if he does then he'll need Sierra Chart or Ensign rather than qt.
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  2. Otoh, customization could mean a lot of things. If it means building your own indicator-combo's I agree.
    If it only means being able to setup different chart-types (time/vol/tick) with a load of indicators and paintbars, QT will suffice.
    I may agree Sierra is technically better, but I had a very hard time getting it to run and after a week of fighting I gave up. Just didn't get along.

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  3. Why deal with all the hassle of keeping a data base, backfill, changing contract months, etc when you can get beautiful, intuitive charting from QCharts? If you need to do backtesting or construct custom indicators, forget it, but it is tough to beat otherwise.
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  4. Hi Terrier301,

    Free charting in QuoteTrader is available for clients of TD AMERITRADE and InteractiveBrokers, which includes +30 studies, indicators and drawing tools (see post for more information) - plus a large set of customization options and layouts designed to make your desktop more efficient.

    Also, because QuoteTrader can connect to multiple brokers simultaneously, you could use one broker to obtain historical/intraday data for the charts, and other brokers for trading and order management via the DOM and Account Manager.<center>

    <img src="http://pmd.esignal.com/quotetrader/images/qt_chart4_small.gif"

    Finally, there's embedded, symbol-specific links to Quote.com's free resources, like news, recommendations, corp info, etc. (see post for more information).

    Let me know if you'd like a demo (email) - your feedback would be much appreciated.

    QuoteTrader Product Management
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  5. I used QCharts a number of years ago, and I will agree that the interface is unparalleled. However, I found the data to be extremely unreliable, and constantly out of step with my order entry software. They kept saying it was going to get better, but it never did. At least not at the time I finally gave up on it. Are you saying that it is reliable now?
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  6. Sounds like you need CQG. Dont skimp on your tools you get what you pay for. Chart apperance should not be your major concern, the data feed and quality of the data is whats important.

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  8. I would say it has definitely gotten more reliable. Occassionally have to switch servers during the day but it is rare. No RT data service is going to be perfect. Even IB has problems at times.
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  9. Amibroker is the ONLY way to go ! Ive never had any regrets !

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  10. Looks rather nice I agree. But does it work? And at what cost?

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