What Simple, Charting Software To Buy?

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  1. I was about to order Omega Trading station but I then heard that it was oriented towards automated traders. I'm simply looking for good charting software that offers all the indicators and a variety of different chart customizations, but with a simple interface. Basically, I'm not an automatic trader but make the decisions myself and have since been using Yahoo Finance to trade (Lol). But I want some real software now that allows more customization of chart appearances. Can anyone tell me what's the most popular but simple trading software to buy?
  2. QuoteTracker
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    Second that, Quotetracker.
  4. Additionally, DTN/IQ has a special monthly rate for QuoteTracker users (www.iqfeed.net). It's a great real-time data feed.
  5. If you want customization in real time software then I suggest (in order of cost) one of:

    Sierra Chart
  6. To prevent misunderstanding this by the OP, Terrier301, you do not need a payed data-feed with Quotetracker, it connects to all kinds of existing feeds, both delayed and realtime, free and payed. A much used possibility is to open an account with IB, this gives you rt-data and historical (for 1 year) backfills, but QT can also get older from eg. Yahoo sites as well.

    With IB and Quotetracker you have excellent charting and trading and nearly no cost.

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    Ninja trader allows to visualize charts. Those allow directly customizables visible orders into the graph.

    Belgian Link farm at : http://www.linkcity.be/fr/nasdaq (see Futures & NinjaTrader)
  8. Why that strange link, you ask readers to hunt for http://www.ninjatrader-support.com/HelpGuide/helpguide.html
    Why not just give it.

    Anyway, I have tried to use the chart-feature in Ninja, and while it is interesting at first, the charts are very simplistic and certainly not able to replace a real charting-software. Trading from the chart needs very much getting used to. The concept is good of course, but in practice it is all a bit shaky and uncertain. I wouldn't trust my costly trades with it.

  9. Would you day trade with high leverage and use quotetracker?
  10. Not sure what 'high leverage' is in your book, but, yep, doing it right now, evey day, YM, CAC40 and FTI. I use Buttontrader to enter and exit, and QT to view the market. QT has several very usefull features and, is the easiest to get running, compared to Sierra and Ensign. Also, I find the data-feed from IB adequately reliable, not had any serious problems with it.

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