what si the greatest advantage of day trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chipmunk, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Over end of day trading?

    Bigger gains? More trades? Lower drawdowns? Not holding overnight?

    Are there any?
  2. Mvic


    A good night's sleep and less time in market means less exposure to risk per $ made.
  3. what even after 5 successive losing days?
  4. FB123


    All of the above, including more leverage. Daytrading is the hardest form of trading, and the most lucrative. Very few people can do it well.
  5. i do not think so...

    Those managing hundreds of millions $$$ only need a 15% return to make huge money. A day trader is limited to a much smaller account.

    What ios the maximum size you can go up to in day trading? I mean can someone trade $10M+ Day trading?
  6. Alexis


    1) the ability for some (I'm not among them) to read orderbook

    2) no overnight gaps (which can be sometimes serious price shocks at times)

    3) quick response to your trading style --> if you suck, you'll learn soon enough

    4) Some good pricing for very active traders

    But many drawbacks: trends are limited, commissions+ slippage is still a major cost, lots of noise.
  7. Sadomasochism.-
    the negative emotions that a daytrader feel when losing money are more intense than their pleasure.