What should we do with Osama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AAAintheBeltway, May 1, 2003.

  1. I have doubts the rumored capture of Sama bin Laden is factual, but let's just suppose he was captured. What should we do with him? Actually, I would hope the special forces guys who catch him would just slit his throat and toss him in a grave, and in fact, that may very well be exactly what happened to him. But if he is in custody, what the heck do we do with him? Kill him and he's a martyr. Put him in prison and terrorists will try to free him. Have him torn apart by wild animals and put his head on a post and no doubt Amnesty International or some other anti-US group will whine.

    My personal solution is to put him in a very small cage and chain it down at Ground Zero.
  2. We should never announce we have him. We should just hold him in isolation, solitary for the rest of his life. No outside communication. Just a cell with a light on 24 hours a day. Three meals of basic food. No reading material. Nothing. Not even contact with his jailers.

    Let his followers wonder what ever happened to him.
  3. Discipline,

    A good idea.
  4. whatever shuts the piece of shit up is A-OK with me.

    ...find a tall building, put him on the roof, and then set the place on fire. (of course we'd have to prevent him from jumping out to a quick death).

    ...all of this would have to be done strictly off the record...:D
  5. Give him a talk show.
    Give Baghdad Bob a talk show too.

    Can't be any worse than the crap on tv today.
    Think of the ratings.
    Think of the imbecilic rhetoric.
    Think of the laughs!!!