What should we do about Illegal Immigration?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jbtrader23, May 28, 2003.

  1. How ironic that we wanted to "seal the border" between Afghanistan and Pakistan during our military campaign there, yet we can't even seal our own southern border at home.

    I can't imagine another country in the world giving illegal immigrants so many benefits. Why would you reward anyone who breaks the law? The problem is:

    You have Mexico looking the other way at the problem, plus an ever growing latino population in the southwest that is mostly against such a crackdown.

    I live in California, I have many latino friends, but I just don't see why anyone, of any skin color, should be rewarded for breaking the law. It's just insane. Real Wages for unskilled labor will continue their long term decline as long as supply is much greater than demand. Not to mention illegals being a drag on the many public services of the state. When are we going to wake up about this?
  2. there are definitely border problems..

    u must watch the o'reilly factor? heh
  3. Put them in specially built camps in the desert, where their cases can be processed cheaply before letting em in or deporting em...

    I heard that they have such camps in the desert outbacks in Australia...

  4. Yes, that's right. A lot of outcry about it here.

    I think it's only fair though. While there certainly are genuine cases of asylum seekers, there are also a lot of folks just trying to get in looking for a better life.

    No offence to them, as I can perfectly well understand their efforts, but it is obviously unfair to the thousands of people that who would like to legally immigrate here, but cannot; thousands, that is, with marketable skills that would add a lot more, the theory goes, to society.