What should minimum wage be?

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What should minimum wage be?

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  1. 15$

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  2. 12$

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  3. 10$

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  4. 8$

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  1. Personally, I think minimum wage should be at least 15$ an hour, and thats being lenient. I mean, how can one live the american dream in a state like California when the median price of a home is 500K? Lets say you make 50K a year with a college degree. you still can't afford a home.

    How can you raise a family making 10$ hr. with todays price of living. What happened to the days where you could work a blue collar job and raise a big family and send them to school? I have worked lots of jobs where I was getting underpaid by 6 or 7 $. It's really frustrating when your working hard for no pay.

    Shits only gonna get worse, so hold on to your hats! Don't want to imagine economic conditions in 5 years. I say we do like Dead Prez and bomb rush the white house!

    You are now witnessing the fall of america.
  2. "Don't want to imagine economic conditions in 5 years."

    You only need to imagine yours. In 5 years some people are going to be rich or richer and some are going to be broke. Go look in the mirror.

    Actually, back in the day when I first started working, I didn't care what minimun wage was, because it wasn't me and secondly when I hired people, I never hired them at minimun wage because I didn't want minimun wage people. Period, End of story.
  3. Where's the option for $0:confused:
  4. The problem with the U.S. is that most people will spend more than they make no matter how much they're making.

    It's the The MTV culture...

    Cribs- Gotta have the biggest house with the most expensive cars, clothes, and jewelry.

    Sweet 16- Every kid should have a $100,000 party and get a brand new $75,000 BMW for their 16th birthday, right?

    Pimp my Ride- So what if the stereo and rims cost twice as much as the car....I got's to get it pimped out!!!!

    Bling-Bling Biatch!!!!

    :mad: :(
  5. Who says someone earning minimum wage is entitled to buy a $500k home. You mentioned the median price which means there are plenty of homes for less and for more.
  6. right on. how can any 16 yr old afford to buy the latest clothes and video games for less than $15 / hr.

    who cares if the person has any marketable skills or can read or write. they still 'deserve' to be able to raise a family and live in a nice home working a McJob.

    Also, forget about those that do work hard and finish school / learn a trade. They don't mind paying more for goods and services and having their effective buying power reduced to hep out those that didn't sacrifice to be able to offer an employer a reason to pay the person more than the minimum wage.

    Get rid of the minimum wage, its just one more (invisible) tax on the productive.
  7. Are you kidding me, the min. wage does nothing but hurt the low end worker.

    Should be completely abolished.
  8. I don't understand? why did you take the job if you were 'underpaid'??

    Why not just take the job that offered you the $6 or $7 dollars more?

    Maybe perhaps you were paid what your worth (as evidenced by your taking the job) but FELT you should get paid more.

    Kinda like when you go to sell your car and the blue book says its worth 30K but the highest offer is 25K.. at that point you realize that your 30k car is really only worth 25k.
  9. jd7419


    fair share, deserve, entiltled...words that no self respecting trader would utter.
  10. Where is the option for no minimum wage? A minimum wage doesn't create a floor it creates a barrier to entry. I go to a McDonalds and the people behind the counter can't count change correctly or if you give a penny to get full cents back they don't know what to do because the screen shows something different.

    Higher minimum wages just lead to higher costs which get passed down to the consumer with higher prices. So basically you get inflation and the higher minimum wage doesn't help anybody out.

    Theoretically it would be great if everyone made enough money to live in big houses and drive nice cars. however you should possess the skills required to make a higher wage. someone's gotta be a ditch digger.
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