What should I trade???

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What do you like to trade?

  1. Equities (stocks, ETF's)

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  2. Options and futures Options

    9 vote(s)
  3. Futures

    16 vote(s)
  4. Bonds

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  1. Well let me first give you my life story so , you'll can get my point.

    I am 17 and was swing trading stocks for 2 years.......with pretty good results.........stock market is one of my first concerns.
    I was trading on scottrade now, I had dropped that broker and went to interactive brokers (IB), they offer alot of differt types of exchanges and types of trading. Futures, stocks, bond ,options, etc.

    Now I am knowledgebale about stocks and ETF's :D , and i do know the basics of options (call/puts, etc.) but futures,forex and bonds I am not too familiar with, but I do have alot time on my hands to learn more about any other type of trading, due to the fact that I am a senior in High School and I spend about 3 hours in there and the rest of my day is free. Although my account is under 25K so I can only swing trade.

    Thus this is the: What should I learn to trade and why?
    Does it trend alot, is it volatile, and the basic question.
    Which is more fun to swing trade

    All of the help will be gladly appreciated?

    Thanks alot if any one helps

    PS just please explain why you like to trade the particular type, thks again, sorry forgot about forex on the poll please be free to state your reasons if you are trading it
  2. Learn to trade gold, crude oil and natural gas futures. If you get lucky maybe you can quadruple your account in a few days. Good luck in whatever you choose.
  3. Are they options or just futures??????? Do you trade them?
  4. Rate, that would be Jim Beam's cousin pullin' your leg :cool:

  5. fhl


    Seems to risky to me. I would suggest buying stocks that sell for under .25$. That way, you can't lose more than a quarter on a trade. :D
  6. Who is Jim Beam is that the alcohol that you are talking about...........and about stock I am pretty much familiar with I like to trade stock $3-100 mostly in trending sectors.
  7. Yeah just the futures as these are very volatile contracts but you are to undercapitalized to trade these. Let me give you some advice though, at my grand old age of 24 I have learned a thing or two about this business. The money is not in the trading it is in the sitting (Jesse Livermore paraphrase). We are currently in the mist of one hell of commodity bull market the fundamentals are very positive for the next 10-15 years. I reccomend you take your trading money and buy some commodity etfs or funds with margin if you like. Go get an internship at a financial company or the floor of an exchange and add your pay checks into the fund evey month or so. By the time you get out of college in 2011 you will be a rich son of a bitch. Just my .02 cents, I know you won't listen to me as it is not very exciting...
  8. Wow great help, no really.......so you are saying that I cant trade futures if my capital is around 6K...........and I actually swing trade mostly tranding up stock now its usually commodities I just got out of my position in ATI(copper co.) but I traded mostly commodity related stocks, due to the fact that nasdaq, SP 500, and dow industrial were in trading ranges........thus I went to commodity stocks they trend with the futures...

    Also do you know any firms that accepting interns wow.....that would help alot

  9. You can trade futures with around 6k but it is EXTRMELY DANGEROUS if you do not know what you are doing. Futures can be traded on very minimal margins, just 2.5 to 5 percent of the total contract value. Some brokers will let you trade mini dow jones futures and sp mini with 500 dollars. But you don't want to do this unless you are very prepared.
  10. ooooooooo..........I tottally I agree thats why I am asking this questions which type of trading is going to be more beneficial for me. I have time to study thats why I was asking what I should trade. Stock swing trading is fun but I just want to expand into other territories. thanks alot I will try to use the paper trading account that IB offers first have to practice.............one great man once had said " PRACTICE MAKES IT PERFECT"

    Thankss again:D :)
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