What should I put my money in and trade against?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by lasner, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. lasner


    I trade commodities and want to keep my money in a safe somewhat high yielding account and then trade against it.

    I can put my money in t bills and get a whopping 1.6% return. Anything else I can put it in and get some kind of return.
  2. Safe and high yield contradict one another. The yield on T-Bills is so low because people are willing to pay to be safe.
  3. yes - learn to trade with it
  4. Add this to your statement to be complete: "And know of no other places to do so except maybe in similar kinds such as CDs". Read my handle, and you will understand that I think otherwise. But I do not want to start a debate here. I just want the readers to know that there are better ways, which maynot be known to them. So one should be careful to confuse the non-existence of something with "I do not know, therefore it does not exist".
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  6. lasner


    Do you guys understand what I'm asking. When you trade you should never keep your money in non interest bearing account.

    T bills I can my money in....at this time the yield is nothing. I can't put it in a money market and trade against it...I'm not allowed.

    Does anyone have any ideas?? What do you guys put your money in that you can trade against.

    I think tbills may be the only thing
  7. t bill rate is higher you brokerage must be scalping off the top
  8. grendel



    You can buy high yelding bonds from countries with high interest rates, like: Turkey, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia

    Then trade against it in a currency acount.
  9. I think what you are asking is what can you use as collateral for trading (i.e. -- additional margin) and receive a high quality return. To the best of my knowledge gov't notes, bills, bonds, etc....is the only type of interest bearing collateral you can use.