what should I look at to earn 3K in a month?

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  1. Guys please dont laugh at him, he is not guilty.

    I guess he attended Oliver Velez ( I rub traders .C0m) webinar or he visited Element rubbery ( by Charles F**ker) and some one told him if he give them 10-11K then he can make $6k a month!

    Since he dosnt have all that money so he can not attend their trade for wealth program ( the biggest joke i have ever heard) now he is looking to make half of what he thinks he could make with them with 6K . :p :p :p
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  2. Mastoy “theBeast” Tombay

    Alex Sicnitz

    E Clifton Davis


    Be confused.....be very confused
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  3. OP and I'm not talking 50% monthly compounded over and over again. He's just referring to making 3k per month........certainly achievable
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  4. You should make $150 a day.THAT`S IT!!!
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    I don't think you can make that amount by investing, but 50% a month is achievable with trading leveraged instruments such as index, currency or other futures. However, you would have to do it full time, IMHO. If you decide to go this route, there are more issues you will have to deal with before you start putting your money online. I have a feeling that your issue is going to be finding funds to pay your bills while you learn to trade real time. And it takes quite a long time to learn. Even if you find a mentor (which will cost you a lot of money), I guess you could make that 50%/month in about 6 months of everyday realtime trading, if someone shows you the way. On your own, omg, it will take much longer. Maybe years. Calculate your expenses, needs, and figure out if it is doable in your situation. Also, if you have to make money now because you are the only provider for your family, well, the stress will kill ya. Guaranteed. You have to have some backup money for at least 6 months of your expenses, if you want to shield the people that depend on you from the ups and downs of your business. Moreover, you have to have backup money in the bank in case you will screw up, and you would need to restart your business. Overall, it can be done. My best wishes.
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    LMAO, yessss, this is so true!
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  7. Put simply, he needs to develop/acquire a trading strategy that makes him consistent profits on a weekly/monthly basis. He has a long road ahead of him bcuz of his lack of experience....
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  8. The only accumulating I see is the accumulation of ridiculous posts here on good old et
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  9. The question from the OP was what vehicles to trade. Any instrument will offer the opportunity of what he/she seeks. He/she just seeks the result that is a low probability occurance.

    The desired result will not happen with the inexperience he/she has and the little amount of money to put behind the inexperience.

    Lindq's post says it best. Undercapitalization will not allow for a higher probability that the desired result can be achieved, unless a few early lucky trades lead to extremely large and unsustainable gains.

    Without the snide "go drive a cab, get a job, sell your ass" remarks, the message behind these unhelpful statements is really that your 6K is better utilized in a different area of your life right now.
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    OP, here's a complete list of people who have succeeded with your current mindset:
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