What should I do with my system?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by retaildaytrader, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. I have a system that averages 8-10% profit a month. I would like to raise money and trade professionally with it.

    What do you think? What should I do with my system?
  2. pm me with your contact. maybe we can talk in detail.
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    Tell me you are joking.
  4. collective 2 if it's legit.
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    I think it's BS. Taking the lower end of your range, i.e., 8% per month, works out to an annual rate of 152% per year. See http://www.stoozing.com/mon2yr.htm and put in your figures. If you had only $10,000 to trade, in five years at 152% per year, your starting $10,000 would have turned into several million. Trade it yourself if it does what you say it does.
  6. The million dollar question.
    Has this system been tested on a live acct ? and if so, show us the acct activity summary of your trades. This way we all can be sure you arent full of sh*t.

  7. ** How much you wanna bet he won't show anything to prove his system works in real time with with real acct.
  8. He was asking for your twenty bucks donation to keep him alive. Or that he had to go find a job.

    Does it look like he has a 8% a month system?


    And he said Dow will hit 20,000 in two years (from Dec 2009).
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    > Bolimomo

    Nice find! haha...
  10. This is from the OP:

    Can you tell if his 8% per month system is real or fake? If you can't tell if it is real or fake, you are just an idiot that he described.
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