what should I do having a good track record?

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  1. Dear traders,

    During the last 10 months on an account funded in excess of $55k i've produced a return of +60% with relatively low drawdowns. Trading only futures, fully automatically. No high freq. trading.

    Now I want to trade with much more size, on the account over $0.5m.

    I would never trade for a prop firm, even if they'll pay a fixed salary. Never.
    I only intend to trade for firms/people who are actually ready to lose 5 to 10% of their investment.
    Who should I contact?
  2. Maverick74


    Your parents?
  3. dude, just keep trading.
  4. my parents have very, very low net worth. zero savings. i'm from ex-communist country.
  5. EsKiller


    You make $33k and now you decide you're good enough to trade other peoples money ? lol

    How about you give that track record like 5 years and then come back here. I'm no guru or anything, but c'mon. Get your tax statements audited and then go start an incubaor hedge fund
  6. zdreg


    get a rich american etc. girlfriend. people from ex- communist countries are too smart to believe you.
  7. You have left the country or the country converted from communism...?

    Either way, stick to what you are doing and make the 500000 your goal...

    BTW...don't forget to help your parents out with your profits...:cool:

  8. Why do you only have 10 months track record?

    it says you registered April 2001 , what happened to the 9 years between registration and starting 10 month track record ?
  9. well, if i'll have 3 years track record you would ask why not five....

    the same with licenced managers. if they have 5mm aum, investors are not happy asking for results on at least 15mm.... and so on.

    it is extremely hard to convince even 1 person. out of a thousand contacted potential investors there are 2-4 sane people. the rest is either: totally delusional, thieves (they want to steal my money in a way of a prop deal or steal my strategies) or simply they do not have any money to risk or to trade a diversified portfolio of systems.
  10. rew


    Let's keep the math simple and assume that you can make 60% per year. You now have $88k. At a 60% rate of compounding it will take you less than 4 years to get to $500,000. So trade your own money.
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