What should be the ideal GDP composition of USA?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jagadish, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Depends on how you want the US to exist as. If you want us to be completely dependent on ourselves then..

    Agri 10%
    Industry 45%
    Services 45%

    But actually the wealthiest countries that have the highest standard of living seem to have very very high services.

    Luxomburg where the average income is about $80k

    agriculture: 0.4%
    industry: 13.6%
    services: 86%

    In Hong Kong Services represent almost 92% of their GDP and only 8% industry and they are doing about 10 times better than their chinese brothers who only have 46% industry and 42% services.

    Of course its not always that way. Norways GDP (about 55k income per capita vs our $45k) looks like this.
    agriculture: 2.1%
    industry: 39.5%
    services: 58.3%