What she does NOT want on V-day

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  1. Wow, wouldnt have expected that.

    That teddy bear thing is WAY out of control, for a start....which i cant understand.

    Ive heard of guys going the giant stuffed toy route, and invariably, they thought "why the hell am i buying this? "

    If these stats are right, there's a lot of dissapointed women out their.
    Saying, "why the hell did i get this?"

    Not surprising though, given what, 6% dont know, what it is they dont want.
    Which is baffling enough, by itself.

  2. Valentine's day is for suckers.
  3. Not if they replaced marriage with it-one romantic gesture a year, Vs a lifetime of uh....

    Hydro, Ive read a lot of your posts, and i really cant fault them for sheer facts, knowledge, not even poor presentation, your always on the money, incisive in fact.

    But i mean, do you EVER turn off? Chill, you know?

    Nobody i ever met, smokin the hydro ,could do so much as order a packet of crisps & a slurpy at the 7/11. Ever.

  4. Of course it is.

    After all, what could be more romantic than pre-scheduled romance by calendar?
  5. Chocolate flavored panties?
  6. Bubble


    Valentine's Day is a big deal around my house.

    Never underestimate how much nookie you can get from a silly little stuffed item that says "I love you" or sings "Wild Thing" from the drug store.

    Most women are on diets, but a little heart shaped chocolate is just what she REALLY wants. You can do Godiva for $100 but a small box of Russell Stover works too.

    And gals.....make his favorite meal. And don't get mad if he falls asleep in front of the TV. LOL.

    :D :D
  7. I wonder what happens to stock prices of florist or flower growing companies around Valentines day.
  8. i don't want anything on v-day except to be treated nicely, VERY nicely....:D
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