What Series 56 study material is working?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by gtech33, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Many of the traders at the firm I trade with have failed the Series 56 exam using the CBOE Study book and TheSeries56.com book. When I mean many, try about 80% failed. I am getting ready to start studying next week and would like to know what study material is really working???

    This is a disappointment to see so many experienced traders failing this exam I sure don't want to fail as well. Any info on what study material you passed with is much appreciated.
  2. I hear passperfect study guides are 400 pages but never heard any complaints about them.
  3. pass perfect guide and the options institute guide worked best for me.
  4. Doesn't WTS/CTG prepare there traders with the CBOE study guide?
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    appreciate the advice. After speaking with several traders who failed it seems the information in the current 56 study books out is very plain vanilla as the actual exam asks targeted specific questions which are not in the study books nor practice exams. I now see why the CBOE is in a panic to get the deadline extended even further.
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    So is anyone passing this 56 be honest. Any tips appreciated.
  7. Most of the "study guides" put out were just a money grab from people/firms trying to take advantage of us. They should be ashamed of themselves and if you paid by credit card I would call your bank and challenge the payment. Basically you bought something based on an advertisement and were not delivered what you paid for.