What Security do you use?

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    I thought it would be interesting to know what security people use (and how successful or not!). I'm assuming that giving this info doesn't put security at risk - perhaps someone could say if it does!

    I use 1) Firewall inbuilt in router
    2) Sygate firewall is on computer in case of router failure but I turn it off when logged on.
    3) Microsoft firewall turned off
    4) Avast antivirus
    5) Spywareblaster
    6)Prevx Intrusion prevention
    7) Ewido - not full version which has expired & you have to pay for.

    Everything seems fine at the moment. (I recently changed set up as I was getting a few viruses and trojans.)
  2. Thanks for posting this.

    Backup and security are not my f¡eld, so I can't give you a meaningful response.

    However, it occurred to me that perhaps the security aspect at least will depend to a degree on whether your computer is a dedicated trading machine, or whether you/your kids(!) also use it for internet/email/word/excel/etc as well?

    I'll be interested to see what the experts say ...
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    I'm interested to know too... why not norton or mcafee? I noticed a few companies that build custom computers specializing in trading offer AVG. Why is that?
  4. zdreg


    what were u doing that allowed trojans etc to get through through your seven step setup?
  5. Norton Internet Security 2009 handles all my security needs.
    I will be upgrading to NIS 2010.
    No viruses or trojans.
  6. Virus are the first steps for the coming of the AI...
  7. Sounds like you have quite the barricade set up. How on earth are you still getting viruses and trojans? I would maybe look into your surfing habits.
  8. I have an idea of what you might mean by this, but could you be a hero and fill in the rest?
  9. Lethn


    . AVG Free Edition

    . Spybot Search and Destroy

    . Common Sense
  10. Router, Linux, and VMware.

    Who needs the hassle of Norton, McAfee, or any antivirus software. They all suck.
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