What screen recording software do you use

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    Does anyone record their screens during the trading day? I'm looking for good software to do this. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
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    How big are the files usually when recording the entire trading day?
  4. Depends on what kind of video compression you use, if you record audio with, how good resolution you use and how much screen area.

    For all day, expect hundreds of megabytes conservatively.
  5. camtasia costs $, camstudio didn't seem to be able to handle lengthy videos. a happy medium is the free Microsoft Encoder, which can go for hours and hours. Quality is just ok. Camtasia is probably the best if you're willing to spend some money.

    Microsoft Encoder has some other features, like the ability to broadcast your screen.

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    The screen recording software I am using is DemoCreator. This application provides a take screenshot recording mode which records the onscreen activity based on the mouse clicking and keystrokes. And users can publish the screen recording as Flash movie. The output will be smaller than video file.
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    A good program is BB Flashback from Blueberry Software.

    They also have a free version called BB Flashback Express, and a Standard edition.

  8. Hm, makes me wonder....

    Personally I would go with the MS solution - they have a great codec for recording screen only ;) One big advantage is that the result (wmv file) is something that is OPEN. Not Open like Open Source, but open like every movie editor on the planet will be able to deal with it ;)

    But then.... I have 2 screens now, and soon 4 ;) More usefull than recording - more screen estate. No program can sensibly sadly handle that ;(
  9. I use Camtasia. I like that software.

    How big the files are: depends on: 1) How big of a screen area you want to capture and the resolution. 2) How long each recording is.

    To give you some idea:

    I don't capture any audio. I only capture the screen displays (some charts). I have multiple monitors. I capture about 1.5 monitor area (1280 x 1024 resolution each).

    For each hour of recording, the file is about 300MB to 400MB. I usually record about 2-3-4 hours at a time. So the files are typically 1GB. I found that I could not record the 6.5 hour session continuously. The file seemed to be too big for Camtasia. They need to do some consolidation or something which really messed up. I have to keep each recording session under 3 hours (the best).
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