What School Now?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by redbull13, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Hello Guys,

    My current situation is this: I left IU for an unimportant, unrelated reason. Right now I'm back in Chicago taking classes at a CC near my house, and I have a job that I really like. I'd rather not go into details about my job, but essentially I'm trading forex and testing a system at a small company. The company is also expanding its brokerage business, and I like all the guys I work with. However, it's now time to figure out where I'm going to go to school. If I go to a full-time university...well there goes my job. But I will still be able to trade because I swing trade...either way I like my job and want to consider other options. What are these trading universities? I assume they won't actually make me a better trader, but it's what on paper that counts. What do you guy recommend? I've learned listening to people with exp. makes life a bit easier. Thanks.
  2. HKU, or School of Hard Knocks.

    Proud alumni.
  3. Unfortunately my father is also alumni of Hard Knocks, and if I don't attend an actual school, I'll get a hard knock to the head.
  4. So no one has anything to offer regarding any of these trading universities? Anything?!
  5. take night classes
  6. What he said.

    Continue your formal education, but what you are learning in the markets isn't for sale, and can't be bought anyway. The lessons you are learning in the markets will stand you in good stead for years to come.

    Focus on math, finance and computers, a formula is a formula no matter what institution you learn it from.