What salary would it take for you to quit this?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by midlifeguy, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. If someone offered you a real life job instead of being a self employed day trader, how much would the salary have to be to forgo this?

    I was just offered a nice salary/bonus but it will be a grind of a job (non-stop phones, stress etc).

    I have been so happy the past 5 months trading my own account that I don't want to give it up but the salary is tempting.
  2. If it were 5 years rather than 5 months I'd say tell em' to stick it. 5 months don't make a guru. Take the money and see what develops. The markets ain't goin' anywhere.
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    the grass is always greener.

    I would take the real job, real slary and keep trading on the side..swing or something...not intraday. Pleanty of platforms let your program your trades.
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    coincidentally, the market has been rising for the past 5 months...hmm, makes one think...
  5. okay, i'll bite. how much is the salary? $$$$$

    second question: is it more than you have ever made before?

    third question: is it more than you make ( on a monthly basis) trading?

    having done both, i'd prefer the trading, but that's just me. besides, it makes a difference how much money it is, what your situation is, etc.

    please answer the 3 questions, though, if you will....
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    And do they have free Coffee?
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    I work a full time job and am still able to make some trades to supplement my income every month. As my account grows over the next couple years I plan on trading ONLY as my income.
    More golfing, fishing, and whatever, with only having to setup a couple trades a month and let it ride until the expiration dates.
    It will just have to be at a level that it surpasses my salaried job.
    If you could live with the "Boring" style of trading, you can get a steady salaried job w/ benefits and have some trading too.
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    How about hot chicks?? Are there any hot chicks there?
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    Have you ever considered what are you going to do when the big recession comes. I don't think we can survive a 3 to 6 years drought just trading alone, a nice ljob would probably be a good idea. I wondered if anyone ever experienced this.
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    I wouldn't take the job unless the employer is willing to sign at least a 1 year contract with me. But I've been at this for a lot more than 5 months.

    But everybody's situation is different. As already mentioned if the job doesn't work out the market will still always be there for you.
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