What;s the reason for going fultime?

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  1. hi all

    Below is list of disadvantages of being fulltime trader:

    No leave
    There can be loss month
    No medical benefit
    There are cost like subscription and broadband cost

    So what's the compelling reason for people to trade full time?
  2. As much leave as you want
    Insurance if you need it
    All tax deductible

  3. The money perhaps? The potential returns are unparalled.

    The competitive nature of trading could be another reason, pitting your wits against the market and coming out on top can be very rewarding in itself.

    And of course the freedom trading offers, you can trade whenever and from wherever you want.

    The positives far outweigh the negative you've mentioned. That's not to say there aren't any negatives as anyone new to the business will testify!
  4. "No medical benefit"

    You pay one way or another.
  5. The odds are high against trading. If you get a 9-5 job, you can easily get 70K to 100K per year?

    Is it easy to get trade to get 70K to 100K per year? risk free?

    If not for the freedom it gives, i would not consider trading...

    But somehow, u also need to work hard even after the market closed, even during weekend.

    But u don't have to face your boss, u are the boss, but the punishment comes in terms of losses. So you suffer indirectly. And each month is unpredictable.

    Anyway, after complaining so much, I still prefer trading than working 9-5 :D :D
  6. Why?
  7. Cause working a "real job" is work for most people.

    Full time is tough, but enjoyable.

    More money full time.
  8. Because:

    1) Enjoy what I'm doing: trading (main reason passion for trading)
    2) Rather face loss than face boss, no office politics, own time own target

  9. trading f/t is nowhere near the breeze in the park that its advertised to be

    i probably worked alot more trading f/t than i did in my job. but then i was a public servant in australia and so hard is kinda relative....

    but yeh after than i figured that its much easier trading intermediate trends.

    1 saturaday a week of analysis and 20min a day of getting the open and the close prices :D. and i get teh security of a 80k govt job
  10. laputa


    The reason for going full time is the money you made from a job is minuscule compared to trading profit. The question instead become "What's is the reason for having a job?".
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